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No tailgate would be complete without drinking games!

Everyone loves pong games: all you need is a beer pong table, balls, and some friends.

There are no questions to answer or difficult things to remember, which makes these games easy to follow (and much more interesting) after a few drinks.

At the same time, the traditional beer pong game we all know and love can get boring tailgate after tailgate.

Time to spice things up!

We’ve got five fresh beer pong games right here for you and your friends to try at your next tailgate.

1. Four Square

Players: 4+

Cups: 1 per player

1 ball

Players split up into two teams and each player fills one cup with beer. Each player picks a corner. If you have more than four players, additional players go directly in between each corner.

After deciding who goes first, one player attempts to shoot a ball into an opposing player’s cup. Bouncing is legit but opposing players may swat the bounce.

If a player makes a shot into your cup, you take a drink. The player who made a shot gets to take another until they miss.

Once your cup is empty, you’re out of the game! The last person remaining is the winner.

2. Art of War

Players: 2+

Cups: 25

2 balls

For this drinking game, beer pong table size does matter – the longer the better!

Players evenly split into teams. Each team arranges their cups as strategically as possible. Get creative and make things difficult for your opposing team.

The odd cup goes in the very middle of the table.

Opposing players may either shoot simultaneously or take turns. Here’s the exciting part: any player at any time may opt to ambush the other team by shooting into the center cup. When that happens, the opposing team must take three of the other team’s cups.

If this shot is made, both teams need to start chugging and flipping their cups immediately! The first one to finish is the winner.

3. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Players: 2+

Cups: 20+

1 ball per player

Fill all your cups to your liking (you’ll want a lot of cups for this one) and place them in a circular or honeycomb shape at one end of one of your pong tables.

Each player simultaneously bounces their ball into a cup. If you make a shot, take your cup and drink up!

Player with the most cups at the end of the game is the winner.

4. Baseball

Players: 6 to 12

Cups: 12

1 ball

Arrange four cups on opposite sides of the table in straight lines.

Fill cups with increasing amounts of beer. The cup closest to the edge of the table should have the least amount and the cup closest to the center should be full.

Take the additional four cups and fill them with varying amounts of beer. Three of those cups represent the bases! Place them in a triangle pattern in the middle of the table with the final cup across the table.

The loan cup is the catcher and one opposing team member stands at this cup.

Each team takes a turn at “bat” when they get three shots to sink the opposing team’s cup. If they don’t make a cup in three shots, they strike out!

If a player makes a cup, they move to one of the “base” cups in the center. Send the next player up to bat!

Your team can “steal a base” by playing a lightning round of flip cup against the other team’s catcher. If the base holder wins, they can advance to the next base.

Play it out for a full nine innings!

5. Cup Throat

Players: 3-6

Cups: 15

2 balls

What’s great about this game is that you can play it on a floating beer pong table.

Get enough cups to fill your floating pong table slots or fifteen if you’re playing on a regular table.

Color-code the cups into equal amounts for each team. So, if you have three teams, each team gets three cups of a certain color.

Make sure when you arrange the cups that no two cups of the same color are touching.

The goal here is to sink cups of the opposing team while avoiding your own cups. Players may shoot from anywhere at least six feet away from the cups.

If another team makes a shot in one of your team’s cups, you drink!

Once all your cups are gone, you’re out of the game and the remaining team wins.

What are your favorite beer pong games?

Which beer pong game is a must-play at your tailgates? Do you play different variations of these games? Let us know in the comments.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly. We love safe, fun tailgates and we don’t want anyone to get sick!

Image Source: Adobe Stock

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