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Fun, football and party!!!

If this is you, then welcome to The Tailgate Life!


Whether you’re running out of fun ideas for your 36th tailgate party or organizing your first, you have come to the right place. We at the Tailgate Life are here to help you channel your fun team spirit into your next tailgating party.

The Team at The Tailgate Life started the site because of our passion for tailgating. We began by going to The University of Illinois football games in the 1980s, and grew from having just four of us using the trunk of a car, to having full-sized charter buses take our group with tents, multiple grills, bar set up and games. There is no better way to spend a Saturday! This passion later extended to Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packer games as well. We think we have perfected the process, and want to share our expertise with those who share our passion for Tailgating!

Through The Tailgate Life, our goal is to spread the tailgating fun and passion by sharing practical tips and ideas. From food and drink ideas and recipes and party games to first aid, tailgate apparel and absolute must-haves, we got your back.

Kickstart the fun and get your game on by getting reacquainted with 10 of America’s Best-Loved Tailgating Traditions and securing the 9 Ultimate Tailgating Essentials for your upcoming tailgate party.

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