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Your team loyalty will be evident for all to see when you use a set of car window markers to promote your favorite champions.

The removal of car window paint markers is so simple that you could change your artwork for each game.

There are plenty of window markers on the shelves. To make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best available. 

MRNKI Liquid Chalk Markers

Need plenty of colors? MRNKI Liquid Chalk Markers come in a box of 24 bright neon colors. 

The various hues include not just coffee but also caramel coffee. There’s also brick red in addition to the standard red. 

The box includes a tweezer for hands-free flipping of the marker tips from chisel to bold.

The Japanese ink is non-toxic and safe for kids three and up. MRNKI says that its raw materials are approved by the International Safety Certification System.

The ink comes off with a damp cloth.

Crafty Croc Liquid Chalk Markers

A toy award winner, these markers were uniquely designed to be comfortably used by kids. However, that doesn’t mean that they are only for kids. Crafty Croc has fans and customers of all ages.

The colors are bright and easily seen. They’re non-toxic and dust-free.

To start a new project, merely erase the old artwork with a damp cloth.

Crafty Croc is so sure that you’ll be happy with their product that they offer a full refund without questions for up to 60 days after purchase.

Each time a pack of markers sells, Crafty Croc purchases a toothbrush for donation to a community in need.

Brilliant Bee Liquid Chalk Markers

You can get Brilliant Bee Liquid Chalk Markers in a convenient pack of 18. 

The names of their colors may not only inspire your artistic creativity but trigger a wave of hunger. And how could they not with names like blue raspberry, frosted cupcake and cinnamon toast?

Each marker has reversible broad and chiseled tips.

The markers feature a steady flow of non-toxic ink so you can concentrate on your artwork rather than your materials.

Don’t worry if rain is in the forecast for the day of the big game. These markers can ride out a steady rain and keep your messages on your car window intact


Chalkola offers a set of 10 liquid chalk pens in bright colors along with six markers with a metallic sheen. The metallic markers are blue, red, green, pink, gold and silver.

These markers are likely to inspire you to create fun messages for your car windows in support of your team — written, of course, in a combination of your favorite sports team’s colors.

The colors are fully saturated but dry in only a few minutes.

The tips are reversible so you can choose how thick you want your lines.

Chalkola comes off with a dry or wet paper towel from practically any surface that’s non-porous like glass.

Chalkola’s products, with their non-toxic water-based formula, are safe for kids. They’re also odor-free.


Choose from eight colors in neon brightness. The markers are made from Japanese chalk ink and safe for use by kids. 

The markers are water-based, so if anyone gets the ink on their clothes or even their hands, it can be easily removed.

Chalktastic cleans up smoothly from non-porous surfaces with a dry or damp cloth.

All markers have reversible tips. You can switch between a chiseled edge and a rounded nib.


VersaChalk is made from German ink.

You don’t have to worry about it smudging or smearing. 

If you want to change your message or design, you can remove your old work with a damp cloth.

The markers feature reversible tips.

The markers are non-toxic and odor free, so you can write on your car windows whether the car is parked outside or inside your closed garage.

Crafty Dab Window Writers

Crafty Dab describes its product as window paint marker rather than as an ink or chalk marker. However, the paint is non-toxic and therefore safe for use by kids.

It’s also easily removable with a window cleaner.

The bottles are designed to stop spillage and leakage. The manufacturer guarantees that its product will not peel, crack or flake.

With a reasonably large applicator tip, the writers are ideal for covering large areas. To do precise, detailed work, you’re going to have to use another tool like a brush to apply the paint.

Color Liquid Chalk Markers by Moon

Color Liquid Chalk Markers use a formula that’s pigment-based like paint to achieve its neon colors. However, you can clean up your artwork with water.

The markers are non-toxic and have reversible tips.

Moon backs up their markers with a 100% guarantee.

Cedar Makers Liquid Chalk Markers

Like most markers, these are dual-tipped with a bullet end and a chiseled end. However, Cedar Makers’ packs are one of the few on the market that includes a handy tweezer for reversing the marker tips. You’ll appreciate that if you’re tired of getting stray paint marks on your hands.

This brand also uses a cap that doesn’t touch the tip when you open and close the marker. The tip stays free of unnecessary friction and maintains its shape longer.

Colors are intense and saturated but erase with a damp cloth.

The markers are a green, environmentally-friendly product that’s dust-free.

Make Your World of Sports More Colorful With Car Window Markers

Once you began using paint markers, you’ll probably want to experiment with every brand that you can find.

An inexpensive way of doing so is to keep a close eye on bulk stores such as Costco. 

You might spot a fabulous bargain on the ideal set of markers that you need to decorate your car windows for the championship game. 

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