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Tailgating is always fun. But it’s the little things like comfortable tailgate chairs that make it great.

Selecting a tailgating chair can, however, be a bit complicated. This is primarily due to the number of options available. Buying tailgate chairs will require you to consider:

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Comfort
  • Ease of assembly

Tailgating chairs can and should be comfortable. Below is a guide on how to purchase tailgating chairs for your next tailgate games.

Types of Tailgate Chairs

Many chairs in the market today fall into two groups: portable or traditional. Each category of tailgate chairs has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Traditional Style Tailgating Chairs

Traditional chairs tend to have four points of ground contact. They are also elevated from the ground surface. These chairs tend to be higher making it easier to get into and out of the chair and provide better back support. Go for the traditional model if your main goal is to lounge and have a great time while engaging in tailgate games.

2. Portable Tailgating Chairs

Portable chairs tend to be smaller and lighter. This means that they’re closer to the ground. Portable tailgate chairs are also less stable due to their small frames. However, they usually come in beautiful colors. Portable chairs are best for people who are always on the move because they are easy to assemble, smaller, lower to the ground, and are very light. You should, however, be willing to compromise on comfort and stability.

Typical Use of Tailgating Chairs

Tailgating chairs can be used for so many awesome activities. Here are typical scenarios:

1. Tailgating

Tailgating and car camping are two activities that do not require lots of walking – just lay back and relax. This is why many consumers will opt for durable and comfortable tailgating chairs.

And truth be told, no one wants to spend the whole day in an uncomfortable chair. Go for a chair that is comfortable. It should also provide excellent back support.

2. Relaxing at the Beach

Taking a chair to the beach is a great way to lounge, sunbathe, and read your favorite book. With a good tailgating chair, you can do this all day. Go for a light color chair because a light  color will prevent your chair from becoming too hot during the day.

Mesh tailgate chairs also come in handy for a beach day. The mesh helps you remain ventilated.

When shopping for a beach chair, look for a model that has wide feet. Or plan ahead to find a good hard spot. This is to prevent the chair from sinking into the sand.

Another factor to consider would be the chair’s support. Consider buying one that provides head and back support.

3. Short Road Trips

When packing for a road trip, don’t forget to carry some tailgating chairs. They are foldable so they won’t take a lot of space.

To make road trips interesting, you can take part in various tailgate games like:

  • Attending outdoor concerts
  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Fishing

Such activities will require a portable and comfortable tailgating chair. Tip: go for something small but cozy.

Identifying Your Needs

Having established how you will be using the tailgating chair, consider how these uses can be translated into specific needs.

For instance, do you have small kids? If so, storage will be an essential factor to consider because kids need plenty of stuff when you are exploring the great outdoors. Go for a small tailgate chair that won’t take up too much space.

If you are tailgating with older folks, you need to have chairs that they can easily get in and out of. You should, therefore, consider models that provide higher seat heights.

And will you be tailgating in an area that rains regularly? Then, go for models that dry quickly.

Chairs are an essential accessory for any outdoor activity like a tailgate party. User comfort (as explained above) is a crucial component when looking at overall functionality. You have to consider the needs of your tailgating partners in order to determine the best qualities of any given chair.

Tailgate Chairs Will Make or Break Your Trip

The final decision before making a purchase will be based on whether or not you want extra features on your tailgate chairs.

Though they may not be able to hold your drinks, they may be closer to the ground allowing you easier access to the beverages. And though they may not be high enough for the ultimate comfort, they may be small enough to easily fit into your car.

Ensure you get a tailgate chair that works best for you, your friends, and your family.

Happy tailgating!

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