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When you’re tailgating, it’s all about showing off your team spirit and getting pumped for the game ahead. It may even be a time to celebrate a big win! Part of that celebration will be enjoying your favorite foods and drinks. And yeah, you could put them all in a regular cooler, but why not step it up a notch? Go all-out? The cooler scooter is your newest must-have for your best tailgating experiences.

But what exactly is a cooler scooter? Read on to see exactly why you need you to add this tailgating item to your arsenal of game time goodies.

What Is a Cooler Scooter?

The cooler scooter is just that — it is a cooler that is attached to a motorized scooter. These scooters are pretty simple to operate. They are similar to the motor carts you might see in stores. They run on electricity, and the watt level of the motor will determine how fast and how long your motor can perform. There are some that will run on gas, but the more popular ones run on electricity.


To drive your cooler scooter around, there are controls that can be found right in the handlebars. There are brakes, along with the ability to steer forward, left, and right. It’s pretty simple! As long as you have enough space to fit the cooler somewhere, you can travel on it.


Something important to note here is that there are a couple of factors that will determine the range of the electric cooler scooter. The first is your weight. The more or less you weigh, the harder the motor will work to move the cooler around. This also goes for how much you pack inside the cooler as the overall weight can affect it.

The terrain you drive on will affect the motor of the cooler. This is understandable since flat and smooth areas will be easier to navigate. Going up or downhill will make a difference, too. Where you plan to use your cooler scooter along with the driving speed and the model/make will all have to be taken into consideration when determining how far you want to be able to take your cooler.

Electric vs. Gas Powered

Depending on your budget and your needs, you could go for either a gas-powered or an electric-powered cooler. The gas-powered ones tend to have a bit more power and versatility when it comes to terrain, but they also tend to be more expensive. The option is out there, however. Feel like popping a wheelie while carrying all your favorite beverages safely inside? Go for it!

Are Cooler Scooters Expensive?

There are a number of differences to take into account when looking for a scooter such as this. There are also many brands that you can choose from which will affect the cost.

Cruzin Cooler

Zamboni RC Motorized Cooler

Zamboni RC Motorized Cooler | Black

The Zamboni RC Motorized Cooler has a weight limit of 250lbs. This model would pair well with the Cruzin’ Cooler Trailer which is an extra cooler that attaches to the back and can ride along with you. In the 500W version, you can store 24 twelve-ounce cans or 8lbs worth of ice. This cooler can go up to 15 miles with a speed of 13mph. The motor has a 500 wattage, a product weight of 85lbs, and is 22x18x28 inches. This model also has foot pegs for convenience.

This option is excellent for those who have to work with a budget and may want to add on another cooler in the future.

C3 Philadelphia Eagles RC Motorized NFL Cooler

C3 Philadelphia Eagles RC Motorized NFL Cooler

For the C3 Philadelphia Eagles RC Motorized NFL Cooler, the electric engine is built into the cooler and is battery operated. You would sit on the lid of the cooler and drive around using the handlebars for steering and control. This model has a weight capacity of 320 pounds, and the motor can go up to 12mph. It can hold a case of beverage cans with ice and has a hinged cup holder that gives the rider easy access to the inside of the cooler. The battery pack is also removable for easy transport. This cooler has metal pegs in front, so you have somewhere convenient to put your feet as you ride around.

This option is going to be a little more expensive, but this model tends to be the favorite. It’s a balance of price and capabilities that would enhance your tailgating experience.

Crazy Cooler – Motorized Cooler

They don’t call this the Crazy Cooler for nothing! This cooler has a 49CC motor (similar to that found in a weed-eater) and a 48L cooler. This powerful scooter cooler has a wheelie bar and a bumper guard. The suggested weight limit for this cooler is 300lbs. It’s fast, secure, and is equipped to handle all sorts of terrain. It’s got running boards, four-wheel stability, disc brakes, and a four-stroke engine. This motor runs on gas, so there isn’t a battery pack that might run out on you while you’re riding.

Lastly, this model is for those who are serious about their electric coolers. This gas-powered model is going to get you more places and can store quite a bit of food and liquids. You would have everything you could want in one electric cooler.

Cruzin Cooler CZ-HB Sport Motorized Ice Chest Scooter

Cruzin Cooler CZ-HB Sport Motorized Ice Chest Scooter, 13 MPH Top...
  • BUILT STURDY & TOUGH - The Cruzin Cooler CZ-HB Sport is a well designed, reliable scooter...
  • FOLDABLE & REMOVEABLE HANDLEBARS - The handlebars for the CZ-HB Sport can fold or be...
  • 13 MPH TOP SPEED WITH 3-SPEED CONTROL - Cruise at the speed you're comfortable with. While...

This eye-grabbing scooter cooler is sturdy and stable, capable of carrying a rider who weighs up to 290 lbs. You can fold or remove the handlebars, so you can easily transport the cooler in a truck or SUV. The cooler is capable of a top speed of 13 mph and it comes equipped with a variable 3-speed controller, so you can ride as fast as you choose. Its maximum range is 18 miles on a single charge.

Moreover, the Cruzin Cooler is designed to hold up to twenty-four 12-ounce cans with 8 lbs of ice, so it should be spacious enough to cover all your tailgating needs. And if you’re not happy with it, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing Overview

As you can see, there is a range of prices you could pay for your newest tailgating equipment. The high-end models will have more to offer but will be more of an investment. Consider your tailgating needs when looking at these electric coolers.

Why You Need a Cooler Scooter

In case you weren’t convinced, here are five more reasons why you should consider getting an electric cooler.

1. Lightweight and Travels Easily

These electric coolers are typically lightweight so if the battery pack runs out on you (or you run out of gas), you can still get the scooter where you need it to go. Also, most models will fit easily into the trunk of most vehicles, so it does not limit you as far as transport. The battery pack comes off and can be stored separately if you are concerned with damaging the battery in transit.

2. Versatile

Taking one of these electric coolers might be a given for your tailgating events, but there are so many other times you could use a cooler scooter. Whether it is for a picnic, a day at the beach, camping with friends, barbecues, or whatever else you can think of, the sky is the limit. It’s a ride and a convenient place for you to store food and drinks. It’s the perfect combination.

3. Team Spirit

These coolers come in a number of colors and styles, so it is easy to personalize or pick colors that go with your favorite team. If you really want to go all out, you can decorate the outside of the cooler and make it like a mini-parade float you can ride around on! You will definitely catch people’s eyes driving around on a cooler, so make the best of it and boost your team’s morale.

4. Accessories

Did you know that you can also buy accessories for your electric cooler? One of these accessories includes a plushy seat that you can set on top of the lid of the cooler so that your ride is more comfortable on your backside. Another popular one includes a cover for your electric cooler. This will help protect it from the harsh outdoor elements and critters that are looking to find food.

Also, some people like to purchase back-up batteries and parts to make sure they are never without. However, if you want to take it a step further (particularly if you’re a fan of golf), you can order a Cruzin Caddy, which is a gold bag caddy that attaches to the back of your electric scooter.

5. Limited Mobility or Injury

A cooler scooter could be a unique way to help those with limited mobility get around. Having a larger motorized scooter isn’t always easy to take everywhere, and especially if you get a larger model with all-terrain tires, you can include friends and family members who were not able to tailgate before and include them in the festivities.

Not to mention, tailgating can get a little rowdy now and then. Minor injuries have been known to occur, and everyday life happens, and so do accidents! The electric coolers would be helpful in the event of an injury where you can’t walk around like you usually do.


Not only is the cooler scooter a lot of fun, but it can bring a sense of functionality to your next tailgating party. When deciding what to bring with you to the next game, the cooler scooter can be many things in one. It can be a cooler, a means of transportation, somewhere comfortable to sit, and it can even be your new favorite conversation starter.

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