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Have you had trouble finding a sports decal for your car window that celebrates your team in the way you want?

Are maybe you don’t want to blend into the crowd with the same old back window decals for cars that all the other sports fans have.

There’s a way for you to boldly proclaim your team support in a way that’s different from the everyday fan. Use custom-made decals for cars. 

Customized car decals allow you to unleash your creativity with a message and an image that shows who you are and demonstrates that you’re the team’s number one fan.

To find a printer near you who will help you produce that brilliant work of art that you have in mind, try entering into your preferred search engine the phrase “custom car decals near me.”

If you can’t find nearby printers, try the ones below.

Custom Sports Decals for Car Windows:

Stickylife wants to make sure that you refer to their products as decals rather than as stickers.

Stickylife vinyl decals are designed to survive rough weather including direct sunshine. The decals are covered by a release liner on one side and by transfer tape on the other side.

You peel off the release liner and then apply the exposed adhesive of the decal to your car window. Once you have the decal in place, remove the transfer tape.

Stickylife presents you with a template gallery to get you started with your design.  If you’d prefer not use their templates, you can submit original artwork that you want to convert into a decal.

Using the online template gallery, you begin by selecting the basic decal. After that, you choose the size of the decal and the quantity of your order.

At this point, you can edit the design using your art, photos and text.

Helpfully, Stickylife’s website includes an impressive design tools page that explains to newcomers to graphic arts the fundamental guidelines for creating functional designs.

The sections include tips on how to size design elements in a way to maintain proportion, how to space lettering, how to submit your artwork, how to make text curve to fit the shape of your design and how to select the proper font.

Stickylife also maintains a library of tutorials. Each tutorial focuses on one particular topic such as how to apply vinyl decals, how to remove vinyl decals, how to upload your files and how to verify that your original image is suitable for printing.

Stickylife says their decals will last for three years before they exhibit any noticeable wear and tear. 


Custom Sports Decals for Car Windows:

Personalizationmail offers customized decals for 11 sports: football, basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, cheerleading, volleyball, lacrosse, golf, track and field and cross country.

You don’t have to worry about designing your image. Personalizationmail offers a stock image for each sport.

First, choose the dominant color that you like.  Next, select the proper sport. 

You then get to add three lines of personal messages. Each line can hold up to 14 characters.

Your seven-inch by seven-inch decal will be safe even in the carwash and will last for years.

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Custom Sports Decals for Car Windows: gives you dozens of choices for images of each sport to begin creating your unique decal.

However, the website doesn’t walk you through the process of building your decal online. You have to contact the company by email to discuss your idea.

If you have original artwork for your decal, submit it as a vector or line art. If that’s not possible, Decal Junky will trace your artwork to create a vector image that it can use for making the decal.

Decal Junky doesn’t charge extra for working with your original artwork.

Also, the company accepts orders as small as one decal.

Any text and fonts in your artwork need to be turned into art or converted into outlines. Not all fonts are available for the production of decals, so if you submit text in a specific font, there’s a good chance that Decal Junky will have to find a substitute font. 

Therefore, you can maintain tighter control over the style of your customized decal by adhering to the advice to convert your text into either art or outlines.

Decal Junky is willing to look at artwork created in any graphics art program such as CorelDRAW or Photoshop but is partial to Adobe Illustrator.

The decals are by default designed to stick to the exterior of your car window.  However, if you prefer a decal that you can apply to the interior of the window, select the “inside application” option. Your decal will be coated with an adhesive on the front side.

If you use an interior decal, the decal’s vinyl will maintain its integrity despite the use of a defroster even on its highest setting. 

If you use exterior decals, place them outside the range of your windshield wiper.

Are You Ready to Stick With Your Team by Using Custom Sports Decals?

How long are you going to sit on that incredible idea you have for a sports decal?

Get off the sideline and get into the game.

Create your custom car decal and show everybody that you’ve got game.

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