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You eat, sleep, and breath everything football.

You sound perfectly normal to us. You’ll understand why when you read about some of our favorite football-related party items.


Football Party Decorations

How can you have a party without a banner? Let people know there’s a party going on with a banner that says, “Go team!”

Want something more subtle? Try a banner that looks like a football field with yard lines.

If simplicity is your goal, hang a banner decorated with footballs.

Don’t use a run-of-the-mill tablecloth when you can cover your table with the look of a football field using a green table cover decorated with yard lines and hash marks.

Decorate a second table with a protective cover festooned with footballs.


Football Food Servers

Everything you touch on game day can look like a football. That includes the items on which you serve your food.


Football Uniforms for Your Food

May we have your attention hotdog lovers?  Park your frankfurter, wiener or pig-in-a-blanket in a paper hotdog tray that looks like the other kind of pigskin. They’re brown with white laces along the side.

Don’t bake your game day cupcakes in a regular cupcake liner. Use a black-and-white liner that looks like the stripes of a referee’s shirt. The liner is part of a cupcake kit.

After your delicious cupcakes have cooled, you can complete the gridiron look by inserting a pick with a plastic football on top.

A second option is to wrap your finished cupcake in a brown paper wrapper with laces that make it look like a football.


Football Stadium Food Tray

Blow your friends’ minds with a 25-inch snack tray serving display that looks like a football stadium. sells a football stadium food tray that has plenty of compartments for each of your menu items. The bays surround the playing surface like stadium seating. Of course, this time the food is much better than any sold inside a real stadium.

Don’t forget the field in the center of the stadium. It offers yet more space to display your best party food.

And don’t worry about cleanup when the game’s over. Your stadium is made of cardstock.


Football Platters and Bowls

No one’s going to fumble the snacks on a football-shaped serving platter. The durable plastic will withstand the rowdiness of your most enthusiastic party-goers.

Do you prefer paper over plastic? Paper platters also give you a perfect place to stack your mound of hot wings or your mountain of nachos.  Use paper platters that have a clever image of a football which appears three dimensional.

You can get the matching paper plates and dessert plates. They work together as a winning team should.

Everyone wants to get their hands on the football. Maybe that’s because the football is a football-shaped snack bowl filled with a delicious game day sandwiches.

Big appetites demand plenty of napkins. Keep the party looking neat and use napkins that feature a close-up image of a football.


Football Glasses, Cups, and Mugs

A favorite adult beverage will taste even better when you sip from football-shaped glass tumblers. Clear 23-ounce glasses are available from Dollar Tree.

If your team’s parking area doesn’t permit glass containers at tailgate parties, use paper cups. But don’t use just any old paper cup. Try ones that mimic a football’s texture and laces.

Are you serving something a bit stronger than beer or Gatorade? If so, paper cups aren’t what you need. You need a two-ounce shot glass made of plastic and decorated like a football.

Do you have any coffee drinkers in your entourage? Don’t leave them out. Pour their caffeine into a ceramic mug crafted into the shape of a football.

Someone at your party will always ask for a straw. Score extra points if you give them straws that have pictures of little footballs on it or referee stripes.


Football Ice Cube Tray

You didn’t think that we’d forget about the ice, did you?

Use a specially-shaped football ice cube tray to prove that Green Bay isn’t the only place where a football turns to ice.


Football Candy

Who doesn’t like candy especially when it comes pouring out of a football piñata? Take a vigorous swing and reward your friends with up to two pounds of the sweet stuff.

Another fun way to provide small snacks to football fans, especially the young ones, is with a gumball machine in the shape of a football. Load it with your friends’ favorite snacks like M&Ms or bubble gum.


Kick Off Your Football Party

Nothing is going to get your friends in the mood for the big game more than your football-theme party. From the first beverage to the final dessert, you’ll remind your friends of just how much fun the game truly is.

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