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Many people love to proudly display flags in their yards or even bring them with them on tailgates. You may even enjoy attaching a flag to your car from time to time. But were you aware that you should be using a solar flag pole light to illuminate your flag? If you did not have a solar flag pole light, this will make you realize you need one. In fact, to be in compliance with the U.S. Flag Code, flags may only be displayed in times of darkness if they are properly illuminated. So, guess what? Unless you are taking care in removing your flag each day before sunset, you may want to get some solar flag pole lights in order to appropriately honor your country.

That said, we understand you may have some questions. Particularly if you are just now hearing of solar flag pole lights, you may be scratching your head and wondering how you are supposed to decide where to buy them? How do they even work? Which models are the best? There is certainly a lot to take into account when purchasing solar flag pole lights, and that is why we are here to break it down for you. We will answer your questions about solar flag pole lights and then compare five different models for you to ensure you feel equipped to purchase the best solar flag pole lights for your flag.

Product FAQ

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How We Reviewed

In order to review the best possible flag pole lights, we searched through tons of “best of” lists and user reviews of several different models and brands of solar flag pole lights. We read through the reviews of users to make sure we knew how the flag pole lights actually worked for their owners. We also present the features, pros, cons, and price for you for every single solar flag pole light option so that you can make an informed decision. We understand that different flag pole owners will have different concerns to look out for and sizes to search for when purchasing their flag pole lights. This is why we also informed you of what to look for at the beginning of the article. We are an unbiased source, and we simply want you to be as informed and educated as possible when ordering or purchasing your best solar flag pole lights.

What We Reviewed

  • Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light
  • Nature Power Solar Flagpole Light
  • Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20led Light
  • Maxsa Focused Solar LED Flag Light
  • GRDE Solar Flag Pole light

Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light

Solar Flag Pole Light, Lasts 2X Longer Than Competition, Super Bright...
  • DISPLAY YOUR FLAG WITH PRIDE & PROPER ILLUMINATION - Instead of letting the sun set on Old...
  • COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC DAYLIGHT SENSOR - Means no switches to forget to flip and no...


This solar flag pole light puts up a fight for competitors who want to illuminate flags during the darkness. Ensuring your flag remains compliant with the U.S. Flag Code, this solar flag pole light has 20% more coverage than most other solar flag pole lights so that your flag can be seen from far around. The 26 LED lights help to shine even through stormy conditions, so your flag remains bright and beautiful all day long.


  • This solar flag pole light has 20% more light coverage than the average competing solar flag pole light
  • The AA batteries are both rechargeable and replaceable so that instead of having to toss the flag pole light when it dies like with other brands, you can keep using your flag pole light
  • This light easily attaches to your pole by bringing your pole down, sliding over the hole in your pole and lining them up for attachment, then raising your pole again
  • Works amazingly once you make sure you press power button to turn flag pole light on
  • Still works even in rain, wind, and dark and stormy weather to illuminate your flag
  • Bright light works wonderfully to light flag even through darkness
  • LED lights
  • 26 bulbs for intense brightness
  • Fits 0.5″ wide spindles
  • Works on most 15′ to 25′ flag poles


  • Some wished it illuminated more of their flags
  • Some had trouble getting their gold balls to fit on top of their flag poles with this solar flag pole light
  • Some would prefer dimmer option to extend battery life

Nature Power Solar Flagpole Light

Solar Flag Pole Light
  • 4 super bright LEDs run up to 12 hours on a full charge
  • Aluminum lamp head and ABS plastic components for weather resistant durability
  • Provides up to 56 Lumens


This solar flag pole light has a different design from the previous solar flag pole light we reviewed. Instead of forming a circular halo around the top of the flag pole, this one clamps to the pole down below the flag to illuminate your banner.


  • If you properly charge this solar flag pole light, the LED lights may last up to 10 hours
  • Lamp itself is constructed out of sturdy aluminum
  • Other parts of solar flag pole light constructed of plastic
  • Four bright LED lights that can provide up to 56 lumens of energy
  • Automatically turns on with sensor
  • Easy to install
  • Durable frame lasts even through windy and wild weather conditions


  • Some users felt that the arm extending off the flag pole lamp was weak and broke too soon
  • Some users found their lamp did not stay lit all through the night

Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20 LED Light

Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20led Light, Brightest, Most...
  • Do you know The U.S Flag Code suggests that American flag should be illuminated at...
  • New Improved Design,Upgraded Electric Circuit,Brighter & Lasts LonSTATE-OF-ART DESIGN,...


This 20 LED solar flag pole light fights with its competitors to be the best flag pole light for all users. It’s already more affordable than many other brands and on top of that, it lasts longer than many brands. It also has more coverage and a brighter light.

The Verdict

Though you could pick any light from this list to adequately illuminate your flag with pride, we have determined that the best flag pole light is the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20 LED Light. ​

It also has a lot of the same amazing features as more expensive options, but without hurting your wallet. For instance, it has the longest possible light time on this list despite its impressive price. It also has more coverage of your flag than the other brands, and the lights shine to be five times brighter.

If you’re looking to show off your flag for a good price, look no further. And even if that light doesn’t seem to be your favorite fit, now you have other choices so that you will be sure to find the best solar flag pole light for your taste and budget

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