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If you plan to make cupcakes with a football theme, you can choose between pre-made decorations or homemade decorations.  Baking supply houses on the Internet offer an excellent selection of fundamental football and helmet decorations for your cupcakes. 

Edible Versus Inedible Decorations

Some commercially-available items are edible such as the ones made from sugar. 

Others are plastic and mounted on a pick which you insert into the cupcake so that the decorative end rests on top of the cupcake. It can be removed easily and safely before eating. 

You should consider your guests when deciding whether to use edible or inedible decorations. If small children and others needing special assistance will be at your party, you might choose to err on the side of caution and opt for edible items.

How to Make a Football for Your Football Cake

The football can be a flat design cut from a sugar cookie or another likewise simple cookie. The main idea is to use something that will hold its shape unlike something crumbly like a cake.

If you want to pump up your football so it won’t be flat, try using almonds instead of a cookie. The look is even more convincing if you use almonds coated in chocolate.

Do you prefer candy to nuts? Make your football out of Fruit Rollups or a similar chewy candy like Starburst. 

Caramel candies work well as do Tootsie Rolls. If you choose Tootsie Rolls, you’ll have to soften them to mold them into footballs.

Use frosting applied with a small pastry bag tip to add the football’s laces.

How to Make Goal Posts for Your Football Cake

Making believable goal posts will only take you a few minutes. 

Cut small straight sections from pretzels then “glue” the pieces together with frosting.

How to Make a Realistic Field for Your Football Cake

Frosting tinted with green food coloring will give you a smooth playing surface. You can choose to leave the field flat or you can add texture by using a particular cake decorator’s frosting tip that produces frosting that has the look of grass.

Another way to capture the look of artificial turf is to swap the frosting for green-tinted coconut flakes.

How to Make Yard Lines for Your Football Cake

You can get convincing yard lines with plain white frosting in an ordinary pastry bag. Make sure you use a small tip to keep the proportions somewhat realistic.

How to Make Helmets and Team Flags for Your Football Cake

Cut your favorite chewy candy into the desired shape. Any lettering can be done with frosting and a narrow pastry bag tip.

Now that you have a good idea how to make homemade decorations let’s look at a couple of elementary football themed cakes to get you started.

A Beginner’s Recipe for Your First Football Cupcake

Want something extremely simple? One of the easiest gridiron cupcakes to make is one where the entire cupcake is a football. 

All you have to do is make a chocolate-frosted cupcake, and then use white frosting to paint the football’s laces. That’s it. 

That’s an idea that every baker should have in his playbook.

An Easy Recipe for Football Decorated Cupcakes Using Only Colors

Are you confident of your baking skills but less so about your decorating talent especially when it involves artistically using icing? If so, this is the trick you’ll want to use. 

Take a minimalist approach to the football theme by skipping the minor details. 

First of all, choose baking cups that match your team colors.

Once your cupcakes are ready for frosting, continue the look by frosting them in swirls of your team colors. 

Game over. 

A Quick Recipe for a Football Themed Cupcake Using Store-Bought Decorations

This idea will save you time if you’re willing to purchase a couple of inexpensive items.

You’re going to put a grass field on your cupcake using green frosting and a special tip on your pastry bag that mimics grass. 

Finish your masterpiece with store-bought decorations. There are plastic footballs and helmets made to decorate cupcakes. Professionals call them picks.

When your friends compliment you on your football cakes, no rule says that you have to tell your friends how easy they were to make.

A Recipe for a No-Nonsense Football-Decorated Dessert That’s the Icing on the Cake

Wilton has a straightforward recipe that requires no exotic decorations.  You create the final look, using only your frosting skills. 

The entire top of the cupcake becomes the face of a football player wearing a helmet.

The cupcakes are called Gridiron Kid Mini Cakes.

You’ll need Wilton frosting tips 3, 5, and 16. If you want to have the same size and shape that they have in the recipe, use Wilton’s mini ball pan.

Cover the cake with a smooth layer of icing. This surface will become the players’ skin tone so why not have several shades of icing? That way your players won’t all look alike. You’ll have a diverse group of cupcakes representing your multi-ethnic team.

Use tip 3 to draw the helmet’s outline. Fill in the helmet using star-shaped tip 16. Of course, you should use the color scheme that reflects that of your team.

With tip 3 add facial features such as the nose, eyes and mouth. The recipe cleverly also adds a little piping to represent the black eyeshade some players wear beneath their eyes to help them see better when looking into the sun or toward stadium lights.

Use tip 5 to sketch the face mask.

Your Gridiron Kid is sure to be a first-round draft pick.

Kick Off Your Party With Your Football-Themed Cake

Making a football cake is not nearly as difficult as you thought, is it?. 

In fact, you’ll probably become so good at making football cakes that your friends will come to expect them at every game.

(If it’s a baseball game that you are watching, here are recipes of baseball themed cakes you can make and take to the party.)

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