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Ring toss is an excellent way to add some form of creativity and a touch of class to your party or a backyard hangout with your child.  You don’t have to go out of your way to get expensive materials.  This type of game is inexpensive to make. Furthermore, it’s a great game for any occasion during the summer or in winter when all you want is to stay indoors. There are different items you can use to create this classic game.

Read on to learn how to make a ring toss game, how to win it, and the rules that can be switched up to make this fun for the kids.

Materials Needed

  • Paintbrush
  • Nails and wood glue
  • A half dowel rod
  • Ten wood rings about 3.25 inches
  • Six glass bottles with corks
  • Sander with sandpaper
  • Saw
  • Long unfinished wood tray
  • White craft paint
  • spray paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Stencils


The dowel rods should fit into the wood trays. Cut them to the desired length and sand the ends using your hands or a sander. Place the rods inside in a way that your plastic or glass bottles will fit. You can test them to see if they’ll fit. Hold the dowel rods using wood glue. Ensure that the two trays are together.  Secure the ends with nails.

Color the bottles in your favorite colors.  You may paint depending on the theme. This could be a Halloween party or a 4th of July celebration.  Let the bottles dry.

Let the glue dry for a day. You can then use spray paint of your choice to add a coat.  At this point, you may choose to experiment with different colors to get the inside looking different from the outside.  If you choose to make this during summer, allow the paint to dry. To further make this fun, add some words your child will like using a stencil brush or craft paint.

Your rings can be either custom made, or you can choose to use bracelets…  Fortunately, rings are easy to make, all you need is a rope.  Make sure that the cut out links can fit over the bottlenecks.  Take one end of the jute rope, apply some glue and press it to the other end.  You can then attach a ribbon once the glue is dried.

If you prefer to have your rings in two separate colors, this is the time to paint them. Allow one side of the rings to dry before painting the other side.

Next, add the bottles to your crate. You’re now ready for a ring toss game.

Secrets to Win Ring Toss

Although a ring toss game might seem simple in theory, you’ll be surprised to learn that its one of the most challenging game to win. This is why carnivals and fairs make profits from people who have no idea about what they are doing.  While there may be scientific tricks used to win, certain tips can help you win the game.

Take time to practice. You don’t become a pro footballer just by sitting around. The same way, you won’t be successful in this game if you’re not practising. Set up the game in your backyard and practice tossing in the rings in at varying speeds. With time, your skills will greatly improve and you can go for bigger competitions.

Remember that you get the greatest amount of spin when you snap your wrist.  The motion stabilizes the ring and gives it a level path. This increases the accuracy of your aim. Make sure that your ring is steady and level as this means that it will land right into the bottle.

What’s more, avoid throwing the ring at a higher level.  A low throw increases your chances of winning.

Game Rules for the Ring Toss Game

The ring toss games have rules that the players need to abide by. The bottles with the tray need to be set up on a patio, the driveway, or the backyard. Tape a line on a different side with a basket of rings. The line should be at least four feet away from the bottles, and the players need to stand behind when tossing rings.

You need to give the players their rings and tosses. If a player gets the ring around the bottle, offer them a prize. Also, in a case where the players get no toss, you can still provide a consolation gift or another chance for them to try again.

A player has three chances to land the ring on the hook.  Points can be awarded on all the turns. It’s the next players turn once the previous player exhausts all their three turns.

Prizes such as patriotic glow sticks, stickers, or bouncy balls are ideal gifts if you have kids below four years.

Point System for Ring Toss Games

The tournament and simple styles are the two-point systems used in this game.  With the simple style, the player lands the ring on the bottle and gets one point. No other points are awarded for this style.

However, the tournament style awards points for different actions. These actions include the ring hitting the bottle and making a ting sound, hitting the bottle twice and making two sounds, and landing the ring successfully on the bottle.

Ring toss games are fun, yet creative ways to transform your tailgate. Follow this diy step by step to create lots of entertainment for both the kids and adults.

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