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Yeti Coolers have long been considered the Rolls Royce of ice coolers. It's a favorite of people who love luxury and class. A Pink Yeti Cooler features a sleek design that does not compromise on performance or toughness.

The Yeti brand of coolers is crafted for different types of outdoor activities – more reasons why many outdoors lovers prefer Yeti coolers. They also come in many sizes and colors.

Pink Yeti Cooler Nutshell Review


  • High-quality cooler.
  • Comes in pretty colors.
  • Keeps your food cold longer than other brands.


  • Theft-prone. Yeti is an easily recognizable luxury brand.
  • Quite costly for budget-conscious individuals.

Why Buy a Pink Yeti Cooler?

1. Keeps Your Foodstuffs Cold for a Long Time

Most coolers will keep food cold for up to two days. The ice will start melting shortly after. That is not a big deal if you can easily run to the nearest gas station for a refill, but it can be problematic when you are deep in the woods.

Fortunately, Yeti coolers are here to deal with this problem. A single ice bag in a Yeti cooler can preserve food for as long as seven days.

How is it able to keep food cold for that long? Yeti coolers contain 3-inches of polyurethane foam insulation that prevents any heat transfer into your cooler. It also has a freezer-style type of seal.

2. Weight and Size

A long camping trip requires you to carry several supplies. You need to maximize on the available space, so you can carry all your food and drinks. A Yeti cooler stands out for this purpose.

It has a thick exterior that keeps your food cold for as long as possible. The thickness may, however, compromise on the available internal space. It may also take up a lot of room in your trunk.  But, it is worth it considering the fact your food will remain cold for a very long time.

3. Construction Quality and Durability

Many coolers cannot withstand the test of time. Their latches tend to break, the plastic cracks, and sometimes you must duct tape the entire thing together.

A Yeti cooler, on the other hand, provides you value for your money. It comes with top-notch construction and many owners claim that it can last for several years. Yeti coolers also come with a five-year warranty.

The coolers are constructed using rotationally molded plastic. This makes it possible to handle tough conditions and terrains. You may, however, have to deal with broken rope handles and rubber latches. But, this will take place much later. The good thing is that replacements are always available.

Other Yeti Cooler Colors

4. Bear Proof

Are you afraid of bears?

Outdoor camping can take you in to bear territory (depending on your region) It is, therefore, important to ensure that you are safe. Carry safety and protective gear.

With a Yeti cooler, you don’t have to worry about bears or coyotes eating your food. Yeti coolers are bear-proof. Yes, they are that tough.

5. Theft

You need to consider the fact that the Yeti coolers are prone to theft. The brand is easily recognizable and a target for any would-be cooler thief. Lock your cooler and keep an eye on it. It is the only way to make sure that it will not be stolen.

6. Pretty Colors

Color should never be the deciding factor when you are in the market for a cooler. However, Yeti coolers come in a range of attractive colors.

The Pink Yeti Cooler is a special edition cooler. It was designed in August 2014 to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Yeti also announced that a donation would be provided to the American Cancer Society in support of cancer initiatives.

Pink Yeti Coolers can be purchased from several select retailers. They are also available on Yeti’s website.

The Pink Yeti Cooler is the Go-To Choice

Yeti is a leading and respected global cooler maker. Its name is associated with toughness and longevity, hence its hard-earned reputation in the industry.

Do you want a cooler that can keep your food cold for as long as seven days? Are you tired of repeatedly replacing your cooler and want a more durable alternative?

A Pink Yeti Cooler might be exactly what you are looking for, and it is worth every penny.

Image Source: Flickr. All rights reserved.

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