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If the weather permits, camping can be a fun pastime experience. If you are planning a camping trip, you likely have all your supplies together. You have your tent, sleeping bags, water, food, flashlights, and a change of clothes. But what about your portable power supply? A portable battery power supply isn’t a necessity, but there are many great reasons to bring one along.

Reasons to Bring One

So, why could you possibly need a portable power pack camping unit? Bringing a power supply along with you offers a variety of benefits, yet you do not have to sacrifice your outdoor experience. You can use it for the following reasons:

  • Cell phone charging: Although camping is a great way to disconnect from the world, you should still keep a charged cell phone with you. HealthGrove indicates that camping equipment leads to over 2,500 injuries each year. If an injury occurs to you or someone else camping with you, a charged cell phone quickly becomes necessary.
  • Lighting: If you are planning a camping trip beyond a standard weekend, you may want a portable power source for lighting. Candles will eventually run out and batteries for flashlights can run out of juice. When that happens, you don’t have to get stuck in the dark. Instead, you can power your lights with a portable battery.
  • Entertainment: If you bring your whole family camping, a portable power pack can provide entertainment for young children. You can use the pack to provide power for electronic devices that can help keep children occupied.
  • Cooking: A power pack can offer you a more convenient way to cook. Although cooking over a campfire is part of the fun of camping, you can add a little luxury and comfort to the experience by bringing a portable power-operated cooktop.
  • Comfort: Speaking of comfort, how about a hot shower while camping? There are portable camping showers, some of which require a power source. With a portable shower and a power supply, you can enjoy the comfort of a hot shower even while you are out camping in the wilderness.

There are endless reasons why it is a good idea to have a battery power bank with you when you go camping. The reasons mentioned above are just some of the most important ones. If you plan on camping for anything more than a short weekend, consider having a power supply with you. You can make the most out of long camping trips with the help of portable power.

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What to Look For

If you have never shopped for a portable power supply, then it might seem like a daunting task. Knowing what to look for is key to choosing a pack that is worth the price. Factors to consider before purchase include:

  • Camping style: Consider the kind of camping you are doing so you can choose a pack that works for you. Are you headed to a campground where you will lay out a tent? Do you prefer moving around, or backpacking? If you plan to backpack, you will want to make sure the power supply is lightweight and small enough for easy carrying.
  • Location: Next think about where you plan to camp. Are you camping in a wooded area with a lot of overhead shade, or will there be a lot of natural sunlight? Lots of sunlight means you can purchase a solar powered power supply.
  • Regularity: Do you regularly camp every year, or is this more something you do once-in-awhile? If you camp a lot, you should spend the money for a powerful pack so you can put it to good use without it wearing down too quickly.
  • Power: Consider how much power you need before purchasing a pack. If you are just doing an overnight or short weekend camping trip, you do not need a lot of power output. If, however, you plan to camp for a while or you have a lot of devices to run, you will need something that offers a lot of milliamp hours or mAh. Just to be clear, you can charge a standard smartphone three times off 10,000 mAh.
  • Devices: How many devices need power and what kind of devices do you plan to bring with you? If you are just bringing a smartphone, you do not need much. If, however, you plan to bring an assortment of devices, you will want to save the extra money to make it worth your while.

Make sure you weigh in on all of the factors above before you purchase a portable battery. If you do not and your decision is too hasty, you could end up with the wrong unit for your power supply for your needs and wants.

How to Choose

When it comes to choosing a power supply, you will need to know what features are best. Understanding the features of a portable power supply can help you make a decision that is right for you.

Features to consider include:

  • Power Source: A power supply may run from different sources, including sunlight, electric (rechargeable), and gasoline. Determine which one you feel is best. Gas is a good option if you don’t mind spending money each time to keep the power supply filled. Electric is good if you’re working with a budget and you are taking a short trip since it must be recharged. Solar power is great if you plan on camping in an area that is well lit.
  • Durability: Make sure you choose a portable battery or portable power supply capable of withstanding the elements. Durability is one of the most important features. You need a regard product considering how quickly the elements can change. Camping is not for the weak of heart.
  • Weight: Consider the weight of the device. You are camping, so you do not want to lug a big, heavy power supply around with you, especially over rough terrain. Choose something that is easy to carry, especially if you plan on backpacking. Of course, if commonly take long camping trips, you will have to adapt to a heavier power supply since they usually provide a higher power capacity.
  • Capacity: Speaking of capacity, this is yet another important feature. Make sure you pay close attention to the capacity so you can gauge how many charges the portable battery has to offer. Specifically, pay attention to the mAh. In some cases, you may find a list on the packaging that highlights what the unit charges and how many times or how long it will run the device.
  • Luxuries: A power supply may offer certain luxuries that you will want to consider. For instance, you can purchase a portable charger with AC outlet. That means you can plug in a standard cord and charge items like laptops if you wish. You will also find power supplies with USB ports for additional plug-in and charge options.

Once you know which features to look for, you can work on finding a power supply that works best for your next camping trip.

Choosing the Best One

Now that you know how to look for a portable battery pack and what to look for, how do you go about choosing the best one? If you notice, there are many portable power supplies that fit the features and factors above. How are you supposed to narrow down which one works best for you?

There are ways to choose the best power supply available, such as:

  • Price: Pay close attention to the price tag. The best power supply is one that you can afford, so it must remain within your budget. That is not to say that the cheapest power supply is best, nor is the most expensive.
  • Design: Choose something that offers a convenient design for camping and backpacking. For instance, some power supplies have a foldable design. The best one will offer a design that makes it easy for you to transport the battery back and forth when camping or backpacking.
  • Construction: Another way for you to know if you buy the best power supply is to pay attention to its construction. Does it offer a waterproof outer casing? The casing should appear sturdy, too. If the casing looks weak, it might mean it cannot stand up to the elements and protect the power supply within. Waterproof features should protect it against, rain, snow, and other sources of moisture.

Each of the considerations above will assist you in finding a portable battery that works best for you and withstands standard camping abuse.


Overall, it is up to you to decide which power supply will work for you. Only you can determine what it is you need and what you can afford. Always remember that you can research product reviews if you are unsure of a particular battery. There is power in researching the experiences of others.

Keep in mind that no two power supplies are created equal. Each one may have a different design, different features, and a different price tag. You can choose to pay for all the bells and whistles, or you can opt for something that is simple and to the point. Either way, make sure the power supply provides everything you want and need for a fun camping trip.

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