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The onset of fall marks the beginning of yet another glorious season filled with fun activities, grilling, beer, and other things characterizing tailgating games.

Tailgating is not complete without some smoke billowing from grills loaded with juicy meat. When it comes to camping or tailgating, you don’t need a big grill that will occupy a lot of space – sometimes the smaller, the better.

With a lot of activity and too many movements, you need a grill that is easily portable rather than bulky. A small gas grill is the perfect companion for any tailgating enthusiast looking for a great time, delicious food, and convenience. Apart from being easy to light up, its small size makes it an attractive alternative to larger grills.

Things to Consider When Buying a Small Gas Grill

Now that tailgate season is here, you need a good small gas grill. You also need to know what features to look for to ensure you don’t end up disappointed.

Apart from comparing the durability of the grill against its price, here are some other things to look out for when buying that gas grill.

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1. Type Fuel to Use

You need to determine whether you want to use propane gas or natural gas. Every gas grill is uniquely designed – you cannot use propane gas on a natural gas grill and vice-versa.

However, it is important to note that natural gas will last longer and will save you numerous visits to the gas station.

2.  BBQ Grill Manufacturer Warranty

Sure the grill works by passing fire on the grills, but this should not mean that you spend money on replacing broken parts after every tailgating event.

Before you settle on a gas grill, ensure it has a burner manufacturer warranty of more than five years. This provides assurance that the grill’s parts are of superior quality. Some companies even offer warranties that cover the labor used to repair any broken parts. Look for great deals when shopping for your small gas grill.

3. Proportionality of the Gas Grill Burner to the Grill Size

Many times, manufacturers want to create an impressively large cooking area on a small gas grill with a small burner. The result is hot and cold spots on the grill, which might make barbequing a daunting task.

Before you purchase that beautiful compact small gas grill, remember the performance of a grill does not depend on the number of burners. The performance largely depends on how evenly distributed the heat is on the entire grill surface.

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4. Do the Flame Taming Devices Cover the Entire Lid?

Most of the damage that happens to grills results from salt and grease from cooked food. The more you expose your burner to these things, the faster it burns out.

Therefore, you need to assess whether the flame tamer lies directly over the gas grill burner and not to the sides like in many grills. This is an important feature that is often overlooked by buyers.

5. Material Used to Make the Cooking Grid

It doesn’t matter whether the manufacturers used stainless steel, porcelain coating, or cast iron to make the cooking grid – if you clean them properly, they will work well and last longer.

Nonetheless, you need to know that different materials require different cleaning techniques. So, learn your grill’s materials and how to clean them. If you clean them incorrectly, then they might start to go bad and this will compromise the durability of your grill.

6. Temperature

For efficient grilling of steaks, you need your grill to achieve temperatures of at least 600 degrees.

Tailgating is never complete without some juicy sizzling steak roasting over the grill. You wouldn’t want your meat to be half-cooked, would you? You also don’t want to eat an almost raw steak. Yuck!

A good gas grill should reach very high temperatures and can also be set to low temperatures for more delicate food items.

7. Durability

Even though you want a small grill, you should ensure that it will serve you for a long time to come. You don’t want your grill to break at the first tail gate party, do you? Steel grills are one of the more durable types on the market.

Get a Small Gas Grill for Your Next Tailgate Party

Sometimes you just want to enjoy some juicy barbecue while you are outdoors. But, the size of your gas grill may make this seem like an unattainable dream. It’s not! Get yourself a small gas grill. They are easily portable and occupy very little space. More importantly, they let you indulge in some really good grilled meat anywhere.

Take it from me, a small gas grill is a definite must-have for all camping and tailgating enthusiasts.

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