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Tailgate Recipe: A Modern Tequila Sunrise

Tequila sunrise, Tailgating for your favorite sporting event simply feels incomplete without a bit of alcoholic indulgence.

The Tequila Sunrise cocktail is one of the most famous cocktails in the world for drinking earlier in the day, thus making it ideal for many tailgating events.

This is due to its usual combination of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine.

In this article, we discuss several new takes on this classic recipe.

Since tailgates often involve an eclectic mix of people, we also offer some modifications in case you need to accommodate for diverse preferences.

Towards the end of the article, we offer some simple food recipes that people can make in order to complement these tequila sunrise drinks.

The Modern Tequila Sunrise Recipe

For all of you fans of the classic tequila sunrise, we’ve included a modern version of this drink that features as few ingredients as possible.

In particular, we use freshly squeezed orange juice from oranges that are in season.

If you can’t find any oranges that are in season, oranges that are out of season will also work though you should taste test them first.

Many oranges that are out of season have sour or tart tastes rather than the smooth, sweet taste that you want for a cocktail.

Juice your Oranges

To juice your oranges, you can simply cut them in half and squeeze each half over a strainer. A cheesecloth works fine as does a stainless steel strainer, like this one from OXO.

We recommend using about 1 – 2 oranges for each drink, as the amount will vary depending on how full of juice they are.

It’s important to remember that every Tequila Sunrise you make will be different and you should attempt to embrace this diversity.

We recommend experimenting with a different amount of orange juice each time you make this succulent drink.

For Tequila​​​​

For tequila, we recommend Patron Silver, as we think the bold taste complements the acidic sweetness of the orange.

We usually use about 2 shots per cocktail, though that might seem like an aggressive number some.

Some drinkers might prefer a lower amount depending on their sensitivity to alcohol while other people might desire more.

We pour the orange juice and patron silver in a highball cocktail drink at the same time.  Then we add ice to make raise the drink level almost to the top.

For Classic Tequila Sunrise​​​​

Classically, Tequila Sunrise’s have also included a splash or two of grenadine syrup. This syrup was originally made from pomegranate juice, sugar, and water.

However, we think modern research has consistently pointed to the dangerous effects of sugar.

Thus, we have replaced this classic grenadine syrup with pure pomegranate juice as well as a splash of fresh cherry juice.

We top the Modern Tequila Sunrise with an orange slice and a fresh, ripe cherry.

We try to source local, organic fruit whenever possible, as we think these are tastiest, freshest, and healthiest. Particularly, since they undergo a minimal amount of transportation.

Local fruits are also allowed to ripen longer on the tree, leading to a more developed and complex taste. Subsequently, that will be perfect for your next tailgate.

The Benefits of the Modern Tequila Sunrise Drink

We think it’s important to understand the benefits of the drinks you make. However as an inability to explain your drinks’ benefits might be a sign that you are consuming sub-par and unhealthy drinks.

The first benefit of this Modern Tequila Sunrise drink is that it only uses the rawest, most unrefined ingredients.

Many Classic Tequila Sunrise drinks not only use ultra-refined grenadine syrup but also old. Furthermore, with sugared cherries, pasteurized orange juice, and bottom-shelf tequila.

Drink serve a Bold Taste and Encouraging Proper Digestion

We think your drink deserves a bold taste while also encouraging proper digestion. By using freshly squeezed, seasonal orange juice, you guarantee that this drink will be as sweet as possible.

Many people crave the sweetness of the oranges and the tart sweetness of the cherry juice. Initially, to calm the Patron Silver tequila and make its boldness more palatable.

The Modern Tequila Sunrise

Some people might look at the extra work required for making this Modern Tequila Sunrise as a negative thing. Thus, as these people might prefer the convenience of refined products that come packaged ready to serve.

In reality, real food comes directly from nature and presents some simple obstacles to its enjoyment. Consequently,  like having to be directly picked, peeled and juiced.

These obstacles are only there initially to preserve the fruit so it can make its way to your stomach and thus consciousness.

Surprisingly Healthy

The work that is required to source the fruit, peel the orange, and freshly squeezed. Moreover, it will actually deepen your commitment to the drink and lead to a more rewarding experience.

If you don’t have to sweat at all when making the drink, then the ultimate indulgence might feel unjustified.

Furthermore, despite the empty calories of the tequila, this drink is surprisingly healthy and full of an array of vitamins and minerals.

Scientists have lauded the benefits of oranges, cherries, and pomegranates for ages.

The Quick Boost of Energy

These foods are always reliable for a quick boost of energy. They are also low in fat, which makes this drink extremely digestible.

All in all, the Modern Tequila Sunrise drink we concocted is nearly flawless and would be perfect for any tailgate party.

All of these ingredients are resistant to extreme weather conditions as long as they are freshly squeezed.

If the juice is extracted before going to your tailgate event. Then we recommend keeping this as cool as possible so that it doesn’t develop mold, harmful bacteria, or a bland taste.

The Benefits for Non-Alcoholic Drinkers

What’s fantastic about the Modern Tequila Sunrise is that it can be easily adapted for anyone who doesn’t consume alcohol. This could be as simple as swapping the tequila for more fruit juice.

We usually recommend adding more cherry juice. Furthermore, as we think the tart sweetness of this complements the orange juice and pomegranate juice perfectly.

Given that we’ve removed a bold, bitter admixture of this concoction. Moreover, non-alcoholic drinkers can keep their drink in balance by adding lemon juice, lime juice, or a bit of both.

Refreshing Dash of Apple Cider Vinegar

Alternatively, some people have even been known to add various vinegar depending on the fruits used. A powerful, refreshing dash of apple cider vinegar could give this drink a fermented, fizzy quality that will remind you of mimosas and lazy Sundays.

This is an especially good vibe to engender for tailgating, as many tailgating events take place on the weekends in anticipation of college or professional football games.

Since this drink is also prepared mainly from scratch, these modifications can be made on site to adjust for various temperature conditions or any other kind of vacillation.

Some people have even been known to put a dash of cayenne powder and a shot of locally made kombucha into their non-alcoholic drink. This gives the drink a stimulating kick that would be perfect for cold tailgating events in which warming foods are desired by the body.

Modern Tequila Sunrise

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