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Tailgating has evolved into an activity that people enjoy just as much as the game. It’s a fantastic time to get pumped up for the game as well as get some bites and beer. Is your favorite team up for playoffs with a rival team?

No football game is ever complete without food. Chocolate football sticks are not only fun to eat, but they are also easy to make. Furthermore, your kids will love to help you make these, and you can incorporate your favorite colors to add a great look to your football party décor. To make the pretzels more fun, you can top them with a caramel drizzle, coconut, or some nuts.

However, dipping things in chocolate doesn’t come easy for many people. Sometimes you end up with items that look like someone nibbled on them.  This post will give you timely tips on how to prepare your chocolate pretzel footballs as well as a recipe that is easy to follow.

Tips to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzel Footballs

The best quality of chocolate is essential when making pretzel sticks.  You can also choose chocolate-like products like almond bark or candy melts.  Although the candy melts might be great, you’re better off using real chocolate. The melts are perfect for drizzling over the top.

Avoid using chocolate chips as they do not melt the same as candy melts or chocolate.  You’ll also find out that melted chips do not become as hard as real chocolate. This can be problematic when you’re trying to make perfect pretzel footballs.

Find a mug, bowl, or a glass that you’ll use to dip the pretzels with the first layer of chocolate. You can later use the bags for extra layers. The bowl or glass used should be broad enough such that a pretzel rod only needs to be dipped once. However, if you don’t have something that will work, spoon a bit of the melted chocolate while holding your pretzel vertically.

Also, you need to dry one chocolate layer before moving to the next. This ensures that you’re not dealing with crumbling layers when holding your pretzel rods. Nonetheless, if you choose to use sprinkles, don’t let the chocolate dry out.

When using sprinkles, use separate bowls for each color you choose.  This makes it easier to sprinkle them and allow the excess to fall back. What’s more, avoid rolling your chocolate pretzel rods in the sprinkles. This could mess up the sprinkles and distort the chocolate design.  You might use these sprinkles elsewhere.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

This recipe uses chocolate coating, meaning that it’s less temperamental, dries fast, and doesn’t need to be tempered for the rods to shine.  You might choose to go with wafers. Be sure to opt for good quality wafers from renowned brands.

Here’s simple chocolate covered pretzel footballs recipe that you can use to make the chocolate footballs for a game watching party or a small gathering of your friends and family.

What You Need:

For White Chocolate Football rods

  • Sprinkles
  • One and a half teaspoons of crystals
  • One and a half cups of melting white wafers or chocolate
  • A half bag of pretzel rods
  • For Dark Chocolate Football rods
  • A cup and a half of dark chocolate wafers
  • A half bag of pretzel rods
  • A tablespoon and a half of crystals.


  1. Place a parchment paper on a baking sheet. Put that aside.
  2. Take a plastic sandwich bag and place the dark chocolate in it. You can choose to use dark chocolate candy melts. Don’t seal the bag all the way. Melt the chocolate in a microwave for 15 seconds. Make sure to squish the bag after some time to ensure that the chocolate is mixed and well-melted.
  3. Empty the chocolate into a narrow, tall glass. Dip the pretzel sticks into the chocolate. Do not go past two-thirds of each rod.  Shake off any excess chocolate and transfer the sticks to a parchment paper until the chocolate becomes hard.
  4. Repeat the second step for the white chocolate and crystals. Ensure that the chocolate is melted.
  5. Pour the chocolate in a narrow glass and dip two-thirds of each rod. Garnish with team-colored sprinkles and place the rods on a parchment paper until the chocolate is completely dry.
  6. If you have any leftover melted chocolate, put it into a decorating bag and cut one of the corners off. Pipe the dark chocolate rods onto the white sticks. Let this stand until when ready to serve.
  7. You can place the rods in the refrigerator till the chocolate hardens. Keep them covered with a wrap until you’re ready to serve.
  8. Although paramount crystals are optional, they are important as they help alleviate fat and sugar bloom. Also, they keep the chocolate smooth and shiny. When serving your coated pretzel rods, you can choose to place them in a glass or on a tray.  There are special pretzel bags that you can use or go for a clear cellophane bag where guests can put them if they wish to take some home.

Start Baking!

Chocolate pretzel football rods are a fantastic way to not only cheer for your favorite team but also get your game on. You can choose to experiment with other ingredients like peanut butter for added flavor.  The best part is that you can keep your pretzel rods for up to one month, all you need is an airtight container.

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