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Are you in need of a few game ideas and don’t quite know which games to pick?

Polish horseshoes should definitely be on your list of games if you are planning any sort of tailgating event, after party, birthday party, or just a hangout with friends and family. There’s nothing better than watching adults with drinks in their hands attempt to knock off a bottle on a stick! It’s hilarious and will make your event one to remember.

1. What is Polish Horseshoes?

Polish Horseshoe

​Polish horseshoes is a common and popular tailgate game. It’s easy to set up and play, and the rules are easy to learn. Even if there are people at your tailgate party who’ve never played before, they’ll catch on fast.

The objective of Polish horseshoes is to throw a frisbee at a bottle that’s been fixed onto a stick stuck in the ground. Points are scored for either knocking the bottle off the stick or hitting the stick with the frisbee. Points are also scored if the frisbee is not caught by the opposing team.

2. Game Rules

​Polish horseshoes' rules are simple enough to follow so that even game newbies shouldn't have any difficulties.

Let's look at the point system, the positions that team players take, and other game rules.

Point ​System

​You score one point if the frisbee hits the stick in the ground and the bottle falls off the stake and isn’t caught by the catcher.

You score two points if the frisbee knocks the bottle directly and it lands on the ground before a catcher catches it.

If the opposing team fails to catch the frisbee, the throwing team earns an extra point.

However, there are times when the frisbee is deemed uncatchable. A frisbee is uncatchable when:

  • ​It lands on the ground before it hits the stake.
  • ​The angle between the frisbee and the ground is greater than 30 degrees.
  • ​The frisbee is out of the opposing team's arm’s reach. For example, if the catcher has to take a large step to reach the disc, the disc is uncatchable.
  • ​The frisbee is thrown too high and is out of the catcher's reach when s/he is standing squarely on the ground.
  • ​The frisbee hits the stick below knee level.

​In all these situations, no points are given to either team and the throw is considered invalid.

​Catching Team Position

​Note that the catching team should stand at least a step or two away from the stake. This is in line with game rules that say the disc should not be caught before it has passed the stake. If the catcher interferes and catches the disc prematurely, the throwing team is awarded three points.

Drink in the Hand

​The person catching the disc is required to hold a drink! Imagine that. Talk about putting pressure on a person, but this is exactly what makes tailgate games fun. A variation on this rule – for people who really take their drinking games seriously – is to give the throwing team an extra point if the catcher spills a significant amount of his/her drink during a catch.

3. What You Need to Get Started

Polish Horseshoe

​You can either go to a game store and buy a frisbee drinking games set or you can create your own polish horsehoes DIY set at home. It isn’t that difficult to create your own game materials. All you need are two sticks for stakes and a frisbee, or a disc-shaped object such as the lid from a tin of cookies. That’s it!

When setting up the game, you’ll need to take into consideration the correct Polish horseshoes height. The accepted stake height is about 10 inches above the ground with the two stakes placed 20 to 40 feet apart.

Game Night Made Easy

game night

​Whether you’re looking for games to throw at a tailgate party or a game night, Polish horseshoes must be on your games list. It’s sure to elicit a lot of laughs from those watching, not to mention a good time for those playing.

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