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Tailgating this weekend, but don’t have portable chairs in your repertoire of things to pack?

You’ve probably seen plenty of folks tailgating pre-game or post-game in parking lots. They’ve got cars, open trunks, cooler boxes, and barbecue stands. While these are all essential, many people seem to always forget to bring chairs. Case in point: those big buff guys in Bosworth ‘80s jerseys sitting atop cooler boxes threatening the very existence of those unfortunate cooler boxes!

Come on, guys – not cool at all! Let the cooler do its job, and buy yourself a folding lounge chair. It’s well worth the investment.

Aside from giving your coolers some room to breathe, we’ll take a look at five other reasons why you should purchase Coleman camping chairs today.

1. Booze Sans Chair Equals Disaster

Let’s be honest for a second here and agree on one fact: Drinks and standing up are not necessarily the perfect combination. That’s why bars have stools. This very same logic applies when you are tailgating with friends and family.

We all know that booze is one of the key features of the tailgate lifestyle. Therefore, you’ll need a couple of Coleman chairs, if you ask us. Last thing you need is Uncle Joey falling over and getting a concussion in some random parking lot. Yeah, invest in those chairs.

2. Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Moment

There’s nothing better than sitting back in a chair, relaxing, and just enjoying the moment. It certainly beats sitting on a hard cooler. The chair provides you with comfort, relieves the stress on your feet, and provides excellent back support so you can enjoy your cold drink while watching what’s going on around you.

It’s the end of a great day, you’re surrounded by loved ones, what else could you wish for in that moment?

3. It Helps You Enjoy Your Food and Drink

When it’s time to eat, you’ll have the support you need to enjoy your meal in peace with a Coleman folding chair. Most chairs today come with drink support and arm rests so you can easily eat without having to reach down and grab your drink as you enjoy your meal.

It’s all about comfort, ease, and the experience. A good chair is more important than you think. You’ll only know what you’ve been missing out on when you buy your first chair and take it out at the next tailgating event. So don’t be that guy who sits on the ground or cooler box at the next event – get your chair today.

4. It’s Versatile and Perfect for Any Outdoor Event

It doesn’t matter if you’re going camping, tailgating, or just want to sit outside on your patio at home. Coleman padded folding chairs are versatile, can be transported anywhere you want, taken out, and set up without the hassle.

The fact they are also very compact means they don’t take a lot of space in your trunk. They are very handy, practical, and comfortable. If you’re in the market for the right outdoor chair, you should seriously consider taking a look at Coleman chairs. There’s a reason they are so popular. To add to their charm, they are very affordable, thus providing real value for the money.

5. Coleman is a Trusted Brand

Coleman has been selling online for more than 16 years. This gives them a lot of credibility, as you can follow their story, read reviews online, and gauge for yourself if their products stand the test of time. Unlike many other fly-by-night companies, Coleman sells quality, tried-and-tested products at unbelievable prices. They even offer free deliveries around the country. How’s that for value?

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