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Are you planning on hosting a tailgate party soon and need some ideas on things to have?

Tailgating is more of an art than anything else. Okay, maybe it’s a mixture of both science and art. Either way, it is fun when done right. To make sure your tailgating event is memorable, have all the essential things in place beforehand.

If this is your first time hosting a tailgate party, you may not know what you need to bring. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of 7 essential things to bring to your tailgate party.

1. Beer

It’s not a tailgate without beer. Lots and lots of free-flowing beer – trust us on this one. Almost everything revolves around beer. How will you play beer pong, kanjam, or even polish horseshoe without beer? This is one absolute essential you need to have in excess. Just make sure there’s at least one sober person to drive you all home after the tailgate party!

2. Cooler and Ice

Where else do you think you are going to store all the beer? Nothing is as sad as a warm beer on a hot day. When you think beer, no one ever thinks warm beer. It’s got to be cold, so make sure you’ve brought along enough ice and cooler boxes to keep all the beer stored properly. In fact, you can even ask your friends to bring their own coolers and you’ll supply the ice. There’s no need to buy tons of coolers when your friends can bring theirs. Unless you want to.

3. BBQ Stands and Meat Galore

Call it a braai or a BBQ – whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter. The key thing is there must be meat present at your tailgate party, and a grill to cook it on. Marinate the meat the night before to make sure that when you grill the next day, the rich flavors and taste will make your tailgating food delicious. If there’s one thing people remember about an event, it’s the food. So, make sure you go above and beyond when buying and preparing your meat.

4. Comfortable Outdoor Pico Arm Chair

Invest in a great GCI outdoor pico arm chair so you’re not left sitting on the ground during your party. Not only does the chair serve as a place for you to relax and enjoy what’s happening around you, you also get to fully enjoy your meal – thanks to the cup holders, padded armrests, and back support that comes with it.

Never underestimate the importance of a good chair at tailgating parties.

5. Water

Water is as much an essential as any of the things on this list. You need both drinking water and water to wash your hands with before and after barbecuing the meat. Tailgating is sort of like camping. The basics are important. But, like coolers, water is something you can ask friends to bring.

6. Music Player

Whether you decide to bring a stereo and speakers is up to you. Just make sure there is music to set the party mood. Don’t have speakers to bring? That’s okay. You can just play music straight from your car’s radio.

7. Games

We’re serious about this one. You’ve got to have games at your party. There’s a plethora of tailgating games out there, from lawn games to sports games to frisbee games. If you don’t have any ideas, these are some classic tailgating games: polish horseshoe, kanjam, ladder golf, beer pong, and cornhole. You can’t go wrong with any of these.

Use These Essentials for a Memorable Event

There’s no substitute for good old planning if you’re aiming for a memorable tailgate party. Armed with these essential tips, you’re well on your way to hosting one of the best tailgating events of the year!

Image Source: Adobe Stock

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